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NumericType Struct Reference

Type of a number (enum class). More...

#include <NumericType.hpp>


struct  From
 Convert a numeric C++ type to the corresponding enum. More...
struct  To
 Convert an enum to the corresponding numeric C++ type. More...

Public Member Functions

bool isFloat () const
 Is the type floating-point? More...
bool isInteger () const
 Is the type integral? More...
bool isSigned () const
 Is the type signed? More...
int numBits () const
 Get the number of bits in the type. More...

Detailed Description

Type of a number (enum class).

This values are guaranteed to have the following encoding:

Definition at line 48 of file NumericType.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool isFloat ( ) const

Is the type floating-point?

Definition at line 97 of file NumericType.hpp.

bool isInteger ( ) const

Is the type integral?

Definition at line 100 of file NumericType.hpp.

bool isSigned ( ) const

Is the type signed?

Definition at line 94 of file NumericType.hpp.

int numBits ( ) const

Get the number of bits in the type.

Definition at line 91 of file NumericType.hpp.

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