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Match Struct Reference

Pattern matching flags (enum class). More...

#include <StringAlg.hpp>

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Pattern matching flags (enum class).

Correspond to flags for POSIX fnmatch.

Definition at line 140 of file StringAlg.hpp.

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enum Value

Supported values.


Treat backslash as an ordinary character, instead of an escape character.


Match a slash in the query only with a slash in the pattern and not by an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?) metacharacter, nor by a bracket expression ([]) containing a slash.


A leading period in the query has to be matched exactly by a period in the pattern.

A period is considered to be leading if it is the first character in query, or if both FNM_PATHNAME is set and the period immediately follows a slash.


If this flag (a GNU extension) is set, the pattern is considered to be matched if it matches an initial segment of the query which is followed by a slash.

This flag is mainly for the internal use of glibc and is only implemented in certain cases.


If this flag (a GNU extension) is set, the pattern is matched case-insensitively.

Definition at line 143 of file StringAlg.hpp.

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